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Travel period: 01.07.-31.12.

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Two overnight stays in Masai Mara, one overnight stay in Lake Naivasha, two nights in Amboseli and one night in Tsavo East or Tsavo West.

This safari is very special adventure. The daily procedure and course of events are identical with the other safaris. It is recommended to combine the safari with holidays in a resort or hotel at Diani Beach. One week safari one week relaxation on the beach.

You’ll be picked up on arrive at Nairobi airport to begin your safari. Two days in Masai Mara including some trekking with the local people through the wilderness. Afterwards you’ll be driven with you guide into the National Park Lake Naivasha where you continue the safari an go on an boat trip. Next you go for two days to the National Park Amboseli. After that you’ll be driven to Tsavo West or Tsavo East for the last safari day with one overnight stay.

After finishing your safari week we will of course return all paricipants either back to Mombasa airport or directly to your hotel at Diani Beach where you can think about your great trip and where you can share your experiences with the other guests. With these type of safari you have the possibility to choose your lodge in every National Park.