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Straussenfamilie beim rennen durch den Busch

Tsavo East and Tsavo West

EUR 765,00

price incl. tax

Tsavo East Ashnil Aruba Lodge or Severin Safari Camp

Tsavo West Lodge Severin or Lodge Kilaguni Serena


You´ll be collected in the morning from your Hotel and then up and away to your safari. On arriving into Tsavo East or Tsavo West the adventurous experience beginns. Even on the way to your lodge you will be seeing and experiencing the first sightings of wild animals wandering freely around.


At noon you can strengthen yourselfes with a wide selection of vitamin rich food on our midday buffet an later moving into your rooms. Your safari guide will take you into the middle of the national park "A pure fascination" ! You´ll be seeing large herds of Elephants, Giraffes, Antilopen and Zebras. With a bit of luck one might even see some Lions or Leopards or Buffaloes and Rhinos.


For the evening you´ll return back to your lodge and enjoy a meal from a wide selection of tasty nutritious food from the evening buffet. When you´ve finished eating your meal you may want to relax and proceed to the bar and over a refreshing drink observe once again the Elephants, Rhinos and Zebras amongst other animals who are wandering freely around the waterhole that lays directly for the lodge.


The next morning you´re driver will pick you up from the lodge and take you into the directly bordering national park Tsavo West. On the way you will be able to see uncountable wild animals. Both of the national parks border on to each other and therefore will be yet another special experience. At noon you will be reaching your new lodge and first of all you will be strengthening yourselves on our nutrition rich midday buffet.


Afterwards your driver will pick up you again and you´ll be trekking around again in a `cross-country-vehicle" up on the pirsch. Later in the evening you will again return back to your new lodge and enjoying the tasty food from the evening buffet.


On the last safari day your guide will pick you up and again take you on safari through the Tasvo West national park. At around midday you´ll be leaving the park and returning back to your hotel where you can maybe exchange your experiences with other guests and perhaps and look at each other´s wonderful photos and review the safari adventures together.